I am the Tooth Fairy!

My sister’s son has been questioning the existence of the tooth fairy.
“Mummy, I don’t think there really is a tooth fairy. I think you sneak in at night when I’m asleep and take my teeth and leave money.”
My sister’s genius response?
“Why on earth would I want your teeth? What am I supposed to be doing with your old teeth? Making a necklace?!” *loud laughter*
Nephew – “Hmmmm. I suppose not.. There MUST be a tooth fairy then..”

This conversation then brought us to the fact that I have one of my daughter’s baby teeth in my purse. I keep forgetting its there. I realised two weeks ago.
It was during my daughter’s birthday party at soft play hell, one of her friends came in having been dropped off by another child’s mum. “Elaine, can you look after this until my mum comes please?” she said as she deposited a bloody tooth on the palm of my hand. I checked her over & she was fine. She’d just wiggled it a bit over-enthusiastically in the car.
“Of course” I said “I’ll put it in my purse”
“Keep it safe for me for the tooth fairy!” She said.
So I went to pop it into my purse, only to see daughter’s old tooth nestled there.
Clearly I should be the tooth fairy, as I’m already garnering quite the collection.