Let me take a photo of you…


“Let me take a photo of you and E”.
That’s what my mum said today.
Being a single mum, I rarely have pictures of me and the children together.
So Mum kindly volunteered to take a picture of me and my daughter.


We had a few false starts…


But got there eventually!


Camera phone’s take some getting used to. My mum hates mine! But I’m glad she persevered as it’s a lovely picture :)

Just need one of me with my son next!

10 thoughts on “Let me take a photo of you…”

    1. I think she was also thwarted by the bright sunshine! She said she couldn’t see the screen properly either. Poor Mum.. Still, got a lovely picture in the end :)

  1. Hahahaha, my mum hasn’t taken a single photo that hasn’t cut a head off, so it must be an over 50s mum thing. What a great post, but at least you got there in the end hehe.

    1. We had a lot of giggles looking at the pictures she had taken, the posted ones were a mere sample! Mum’s are great :)

  2. I was really chuckling at the start of this post as I was worried all of the photos had a finger in them!! Glad she got there in the end, lovely shot! Camera phones are funny as they are all slightly different so can be confusing!! Xx #familyfriday

    1. I thought it was funny when I looked through the photo reel after she had taken the pictures. In her defence… She has only just embraced texting :)
      Photographs are a whole other thing! xx

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