Bed theft!

I came out of the shower this morning to be greeted with this sight.
Bed theft!


I can’t really pretend I mind though.. Both children absorbed in their books, snuggled up in my bed. Just wish I could have got in with my book, instead of having to go to work.

Pain Management

I’ve been a bit quiet as I’ve been struggling with pain management and full time working.
That’s the shitty thing with long term health issues, they flare up from time to time, generally when you could really do with them NOT flaring up.
Working full time while being primary carer for two children is a juggling act as it is. Being reduced to tears by back pain while trying to manage everything is just horrendous.
My MRI results are delayed due to a back log, and I can’t get referred for physiotherapy until I have the results. Although I’m trying to do some gentle exercises on my own, I’m stymied by the sheer pain levels and total lack of time.
So at the moment my pain management plan consists of lots of strong painkillers, hot water bottle in bed and in the office, resting when I can and, most important, taking a deep breath and trying not to be a grumpy mummy just because I’m tired and frazzled with the constant pain. Aaargh!

I keep reminding myself to stay positive. I’d managed to get to a really good stage of recovery previously. I will do that again. It will just take a little time.