Motherly Guilt

I’m having a day filled with motherly guilt today.
My back pain has been extremely bad today, so bad that I haven’t even felt up to leaving the house. This is thankfully a very rare occurrence but I’m feeling terrible about it now.
I’ve had my children all weekend, and although we had a busy and fun day yesterday, today has been quiet.
They haven’t complained.
They have played minecraft, played with their Lego, read books, watched Netflix and Strictly Come Dancing with me.
We have had hot chocolate and pancakes, cuddles on the sofa and so on.
Yet I still feel guilty that we haven’t actually ‘done’ anything.
We haven’t gone out.
There were no walks in the woods, visits with friends, swimming or trips out.
I start physiotherapy in less than two weeks, and I can only hope that it helps me get back to bring relatively pain-free again soon.
I hate not being able to do things with my children just because of my health.

One thought on “Motherly Guilt”

  1. Do not feel guilty, someetimes I think it does kids good to not do anything in particular and to make their own amusement. When I was younger we didn’t do half of what kids do today. So don’t feel guilty.

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