So it’s winter.
My body and brain have clearly felt it to be distinctly wintery and depressing for some time.
I can tell.

Ooh yes, the ever increasing list of draft posts on here, awaiting my ability to complete things.
The strong desire I have to never, ever leave the fucking house again.
The grumpy moods.
The dry skin.
The impossibility of getting out of bed in the morning.
The lurgy.

I’ve suffered depression on and off since I was in my early teens. Sometimes mild ‘blues’ which I’ve managed to shake off fairly easily. Other times deep, dark chasms that I fell into and then could not extricate myself from.

I think I’m currently in mild blues mode, so I’m forcing myself to remain sociable.
The worst thing I can do right now is let myself totally withdraw. Although, I’ve been pretty withdrawn on social media for a good few months…

I keep putting that down to hibernation in the winter, but coming down with a stinky cold is not helping.

So, an aim!

An aim to keep me mentally busy.
I’m going to get on with my film list on here and try to write a little something at least a few times a week about films I have watched.
That will keep me occupied through the long, grim winter.

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