Not for profit.

I haven’t been blogging for ages and I think the problem is simple.
I previously used my old blog as a diary. It was just for me and I loved it.
After a rather stressful few years, I thought “fresh start, new blog”.
I had friend’s telling me I could review stuff and get paid etc. And I thought ” hmm could do, why not? ”

But here’s the thing.
I don’t work that way. Clearly.
I write for the joy of writing. I write for the purpose of getting my thoughts in order, and as an aide mémoire.

I don’t like feeling under pressure to write to a deadline. My life is quite pressured enough thanks.

I’ve come to the conclusion that people who go to lots of free blog events are either stay at home parents – so blogging fits into their lifestyle nicely.
Or they are people who don’t work full time/ have lots of responsibilities.
Or they are like me, crazy busy.. But just have crippling insomnia and so can squeeze lots more into their days!

Either way, I’m going to revert to writing just for me.
If I review stuff, it’s stuff I’ve bought, that I like (or loathe) enough to be arsed to write about!

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