50 Films in 2014

I’m going to try to watch 50 new films this year. By that I mean 50 films that I haven’t seen before! 

I love watching films, I would not class myself as a film buff, by that I mean that I can’t give any sort of detailed critique of the cinematography etc. 

I just love losing myself in a film, getting caught up in the storyline and allowing my imagination to run with it.

So far this year I have seen the original Anchorman film (I know, I know… really late to the party!) I did really enjoy it. I have gone from really not liking Will Ferrell at all when I first saw films with him in, to bloody loving his work. The film that turned me into a fan was Land of the Lost. I have a real thing for cheesy B-movies and that film just ticked all the  boxes for me. But back to Anchorman, I especially liked the fight scene in the parking lot. I can easily see why it’s such a quoted from film. Next, I need to see the sequel!


I’ve also watched Easy A, which I found amusing and thought-provoking, as well as laugh out loud funny in places. As a bit of a people-pleaser myself I found it interesting to see how rapidly things spiralled out of her control. I’ve been in a position where I have done things that I really shouldn’t, just to make life easier for others. This is one that I will definitely share with my children when they are in their early teens! 

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