me, me, ME! Who is Mum Makes Three?

I’m Mum Makes Three.

I’m a single mum of two. I have a daughter who is nine and a son who is seven. They are, like every mother would say of her own offspring, amazing, beautiful, talented and intelligent (and occasionally a massive pain in the arse).


Mum Makes Three
Mum Makes Three

I work full time and am doing that wondrous balancing act of work, home life and social life that is exhausting and rewarding in equal measure.



I’m most definitely not averse to making a prat out of myself in the interests of amusing my children (and myself).

I am a staunch proponent of positivity. I’ll find something to smile about in everything life throws at, and life has chucked some real crap over the years!

On the same note, I like to think the best of people. Even the most seemingly sour-faced misery will have a redeeming feature. You just need to hunt for it.

I used to blog elsewhere and will be adding old posts from there to here over time :)

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