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Zombieland has rapidly become one of my favourite films. I saw it for the first time around March this year and liked it so much, I re-watched it two days later.

It had been on Netflix. I loved it so much, I then bought it on DVD. You know, in case it was taken off Netflix..

What’s to like?

I like the comedy. The timing is immaculate. The hero is rubbish, at the beginning. You know he will come through as the hero sometime, but when?

I think the way Columbus makes up rules of survival in order to try to create order from chaos rang bells for me. I love a good list and often use lists to try to make sense of, and control my life when it feels like it’s not heading where I planned.

Bill Murray’s cameo had me crying laughing. In fact I laughed throughout most of the film.

Zombieland – just bloody fantastic!