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Cadbury World & Warwick Castle

I spent this last weekend away with my children and parents. We set off on Saturday morning for Birmingham where we were meeting my sister and her family. After a high speed picnic in the park and a quick run around for the three kids, we went into Cadbury World. My sister uses Tesco a lot for her food shopping, and as a result she had a huge amount of Tesco Clubcard vouchers to use. So she had pre-booked all our tickets. We went straight in and I was in heaven smelling all that chocolate!

The tour took about two hours and kept the children entertained for the duration. I would LOVE to go back without the kids at some point though, just so I can actually read more about the process.

After the tour we went on to the hotel in Solihull where we had booked in for the night. My two children were extremely excited at staying in a hotel, particularly my son! I’m not sure what he was expecting, but he said it was even better than he’d expected. And bearing in mind he had been ecstatic at the prospect, that is pretty good!

We went for a swim and then got changed ready for our evening meal My sister had booked us a table at Bella Italia, which was just across the road from the hotel. It was a great meal and the three kids were brilliantly behaved, which really takes the strain out of eating out with them. My son was really starting to flag with tiredness by the time the desserts arrived. He was asleep within seconds of climbing into his bed, utterly exhausted!

Next day we were down for breakfast bright and early. My daughter adored the whole hotel breakfast experience. She took about six trips to the buffet area, coming back with a different course each time. Both kids said they wanted to live in a hotel when they grew up.. Hope they both get exceptionally well paid careers in that case!

After that we checked out and headed to Warwick Castle. Another batch of Clubcard vouchers had been deployed and so we wandered in, bypassing all the queues. We checked out the planned events of the day and decided on our schedule. There was a Mike the Knight event on that day so the children soon had us hunting all around the place finding dragon’s eggs with clues. We watched displays on Bird’s of Prey, Warriors and archery and then finally the Flaming Trebuchet.

Each display was fun and interesting. Pitched just perfectly for kids and yet informative enough for adults too. As each display lasted around 15-20 minutes it was perfect for a child’s short attention span. We left Warwick Castle around 5.30 and headed into the city centre to find parking and a cheap pub meal. We found parking on a side street thanks to google maps on my phone. It was bit of a panic navigating to Wetherspoons from there though as my phone battery was almost out! We made it though and had a cheap but cheerful dinner before hustling the children back into the cars (after the obligatory Joyride travel sickness pills for my two) and we set off for home.

Both children were wiped out, but we all had a fantastic time. They had a nice early night last night to try to recover a bit of sleep after their two late nights and full on days.

Me? I was in bed almost as soon as they were asleep on the Sunday night!