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Money Matters

Money matters. It matters a great deal.
As a single mum, I’m on a tight budget, and although my recent promotion (yay!) means I’ll have a little more disposable cash soon… Money is still in fairly short supply.
Luckily I’m a saver by nature, so I budget frantically throughout the year so that I can afford treats and holidays for me and the children.
However, me being good with money for myself is not enough.
No, I want my children to be good with money too.
So, in the interests of teaching them how much money matters, they have weekly pocket money that they can choose to spend on sweets, or save for larger toys.
I’m delighted that they have both embraced the idea of saving for larger items.
My son decided he wanted to save up for the Lego police station set.

This Lego Police Station is teaching my son that money matters

Averaging a whopping £60.00 from most retailers. I promised him that if he could get most of the way there himself, then I would help him with the final bit. He saved up £45 on his own and I donated the final £15 as a reward for his hard work. I was so proud of him!
My daughter is equally financially savvy. Upon hearing my deal with M, she enquired if I’d do the same for her if she saved up for the Lego Olivia’s house (averaging £50.00)

Lego Olivia's House - teaching my daughter about money matters

Naturally, I agreed and she set to work saving too.
A trip to Smyth’s toy shop and they both got their hard earned toys.

They are now both saving hard for other “big” toys and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m delighted to have children who are learning the cost of items they want, as opposed to just the price. When I was working in the shop on minimum wage and they asked for big toys that I knew they would grow out of quickly, I would sometimes point out that I’d have to spend two days in work, just to buy that one item.. It helped make them aware of how hard I have to work for my cash, and that is a valuable lesson for anyone.

I wonder how other’s handle money matters with their children? Am I too open with them about finances?

Family Friday

Mooncups, life changing silicon

Mooncups are life changing. I know that sounds bizarre.

I first became aware of Mooncups during my early twenties. I saw stickers on the back of toilet doors in public toilets and service stations and thought:

“What sort of weirdo goes around putting stickers about sanitary protection in toilets? What sort of person would you have to be, for that to be something you would WANT to do?”

I didn’t buy one.

Then I became older and wiser. I started trying to conceive my first child and started visiting the website Mumsnet. There were people going on about Mooncups on there too. I’d had years of using icky tampons that left my insides dry and sore. I’d tried sanitary towels, both with and without wings, and loathed the way they felt against my skin. Even worse, when they started adding gels and chemicals into them, I ended up with a raw undercarriage from a reaction to them!

Mooncups could not be any worse surely?

So I ordered one.

It arrived in the post.

I waited for my period to arrive.

It didn’t. I conceived.

So the Mooncup was stashed at the back of the cupboard for almost one year.

Finally, I was ready to use it. I read and re-read the instructions and had a go. At this point I will admit that it took me three months of periods before I really adapted to it. At first I didn’t get the angle right (aim for your lower back rather than straight up towards your throat).

It hadn’t unfolded properly on one occasion and so it leaked slightly (my fault for not double checking, I was aware it felt ‘funny’.

The stem was poking me! Tip – cut it off, cut it all off. You don’t need it.

Cut off that stem! Ouch!

Now though I’ve been using my Mooncup for over 9 years. Yes, the same Mooncup! And therein lies the beauty of them. I bought one Mooncup for £20, it’s still going strong now. Think of the financial saving! Think of the environmental saving!

If I use an average of 6 tampons per day and my period typically lasts 7 days minimum (I know – sucks to be me), that’s 42 tampons. A period every month takes the total tampons used to 504 used in a year. A regular pack of 20 tampons is approximately £2.70 (cheapest on Amazon, however most women regularly pay more in the supermarket). I would need 2 boxes per period – 24 boxes per year. That’s a whopping £64.80 per year! And that’s not even including the fact that I used sanitary towels at night..

So over my 9 years of Mooncup wearing I’ve easily saved myself over £580.

The other plus points are numerous.

No more carrying various sanitary stuff around with you, you just need one mooncup AND it comes with a swanky little drawstring bag so it doesn’t get fluffed up with all the crap at the bottom of your handbag (I know this, as I forgot to use the bag once.. Never again).

My periods are slightly lighter and don’t hurt any more. Theories online abound about the reasons for this. Most popular is that as mooncups are passive, they are not ‘drawing’ menstrual blood from your body, therefore less cramps.

You don’t need to change it as often. You know those days when you know you are due on, but haven’t started yet? The repeated trips to the loo to check you haven’t started yet? None of that with a mooncup, just put it in and check it later in the day.

I’ve managed to convert several of my friends to the mooncup way :)

And that’s another thing to consider, how many people do you know who get evangelical over tampons or towels? Exactly. None.

Now where can I get my hands on some toilet door stickers….

Mooncups are available in larger Boots stores, supermarkets and direct from  the mooncup website with a retail price of £19.99.

Alternatively, they are available on special offer at Amazon for just £17.95 – a saving of over 15% on the normal price.