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Reading, Watching & Socialising

<p>I love to read. Always have done.</p><p>I usually have a few books on the go at the time as I tend to flit depending on my mood (or where I am)</p><p>On my Kindle, I’m currently reading the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich – William Shirer, which is a fascinating read so far. The Nazification of Germany could potentially have been stopped at so many points, and I’m only just at the stage where Hitler has declared himself Fuehrer.
Human nature stopped that from happening.The way that people tend to think the best of people, to ascribe positive traits to others, was the very thing that allowed Hitler to seize power. He repeatedly lied, but people trusted him. He repeatedly pushed his agenda, leaving the disarmament programme because other countries weren’t disarming as quickly as he wanted them to, while all the time he was secretly re-arming Germany.</p><p>I’m enjoying learning more about a part of history that I did not study at school. Plus I think it is vital that people are aware of the past, as there are such valuable lessons to be learnt.</p><p>The other thing I have been doing this weekend, is watching a crime drama on Iplayer called Luther. Now I’m not generally much of a fan of crime novels, or series. I tend to think there is quite enough evil in the world without creating more!</p><p>However, I have been enjoying Luther, even though I was a bit uncomfortable at watching it in the house alone when I realised the content!</p><p>Other than that, I’ve had a busy few days socially. Exercise class went really well last week and it was lovely to be back doing something I enjoy. Sadly I can’t go this week, but I’m determined to get back to it again the following week. Then I had a friend’s hen night out on Friday which was great fun. We went to a local restaurant which does tapas style food. We were advised to order three to four dishes each and I’m glad I opted for three as it was plenty! The food was amazing and I can’t wait to go back.  It was lovely to see old friends that I haven’t seen much of recently due to busy lives syndrome. And also great to just chat to strangers. I met some really interesting people, and saw some amazing shoes on one of the other ladies on the night out ;)</p><p> This was followed by a family get together at my house the next day, which was lovely and relaxing. I’d planned the food to ensure that it required minimal cooking. I hate the cooking part most of all and get into a right mood having to do it. So a giant salad, couscous dish and pre-cooked meat was the way to go! It’s the type of food that I always eat myself too. I often end up being pressganged into doing a huge roast dinner when my family come and it’s stressful purely because I don’t ever do roast dinners.  My mum and sister can witter on as much as they like about how easy it is.. but I don’t eat roast dinners at home. I don’t even particularly LIKE roast dinners! So cooking them is alien and a total pain in the arse for me. So I opted out of all that crap this time and it was much better, I was much more relaxed and therefore, I actually enjoyed hosting. For once.</p><p>I’ll be remembering that for next time.</p><p>I’m starting the week in an optimistic frame of mind despite a few minor niggles in my private life.</p><p>Anyway, back to my reading..</p>